President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Fellow Alumni,

We have seen so many changes in the world over the past few years and hopefully we are on our way back to normalcy, even if it is a ‘new” normalcy.

Our Alumni Association Board of Directors has also gone through changes as you may know. The first and most obvious is the election of a new President, me, DeAnne DiLeo-Odria, and I am enormously proud and honored to represent our association. Edie Peters Liguori, now Immediate Past President served our chapter very well and through her leadership we were able to bounce back and achieve excellence as was acknowledged at the last two National Leadership Conferences. My pledge to all of you is that I will strive to do my best and make our chapter continue to shine brightly.

This year we saw two of our Board Members take a step back and become mentors, Ron Regen and Dr. Dora Kontogiannis and we thank them for their years of hard work and dedication and their consent to continue helping out the board. We also saw the swearing in of new boardmembers. Andrea Walker-Lewis as Secretary, Beth Silver, Membership Director, Jake Jones, Director Veterans Affairs, Marlena Taglieri Assistant Treasurer, Sadiqa Bokhari, Events Director, Osman Dulgeroglu Website & Social Media Director and Shan Khawer our Communications Director. We welcome them and thank the rest of our existing for all their hard work.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to continue doing many of our outreach initiatives throughout the pandemic and are pleased that we are now able to host more in person events and activities. Keep a watch out for notices of upcoming member meetings and events.

We ask for your patience to bear with us as we revise and revamp our web page and other social media platforms to create new and more user-friendly experiences. We also welcome all of you to send in suggestions, stories or pictures that represent our organization for us to post. We want to ensure that everyone feels included and heard.

As always, we rely on sponsorships and donations to be able to continue our work within the communities of New Jersey and would like to thank all of you who have donated or will donate because without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank you and here’s to a great future!

DeAnne DiLeo-Odria