Message from Our President on the Coronavirus

April 2020

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I hope all of you, including your families and friends, are healthy and safe during this challenging time.

Over the past month, our world, country, and state of New Jersey have been ravaged by the coronavirus. Everyone—here and abroad—is feeling the effects of shuttered businesses, financial downturn, and isolation.

Since I became President of the FBINewarkCAAA, I have tried to lead our organization with a sense of pride and commitment in regard to who we are and what we represent. As it became evident that the coronavirus will not just disappear as quickly as it came about, I, along with our Board of Directors, struggled to find ways that we could continue to make a difference in the community when everyone in the world was being told to shelter in place.

I am very pleased to say that we have found initiatives that we know will positively impact our communities. The first initiative we have embarked on is the donation of meals to over 100 healthcare workers in Bergen and Essex counties. These counties are two of the hardest hit by the coronavirus in New Jersey. We also have purchased over 1,200 face masks that will be distributed throughout the State to homeless shelters and others who are in desperate need. If you are able to donate to help our organization continue to make a difference, please go to the following link:

In addition to these community activities, our Board of Directors is in the process of producing a Thank You video for all our everyday heroes. This video will be posted on our website, as well as our Facebook page. We will also be sending this video to the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association and the FBI Newark Division.

Lastly, I am sure that many of you as individuals have been doing great things within your communities. I really want to hear about anything that you have done in this time of uncertainty. No story or act is too small to write about… I really want to hear about your efforts. If you have pictures that you can send along with a short description of your initiative, that would be great. All of these stories will then be compiled for our Spring Newsletter. It’s just one way to keep our members together, while we are apart. The deadline for submissions is May 20th. Please send your write-ups to

Remember… together we are making a difference.

Please be safe and healthy,